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What Is 'Palindrome Week'?

Snopes.com - 11 Sep 2019
For one, in order for these dates to be palindromes they have to be written in the M-DD-YY format. If these dates included the full year, a “0” in front of the first 9 months, or if these dates were written using any other format (such as DD-MM-YY or MM-DD-YYYY) ...

Guidelines for Ace Palindrome Project 2019

Ace Weekly - 12 Sep 2019
At 9:19 am and at 9:19 pm on 9.19.19, we invite Ace readers to stop what they're doing, for one moment, and take a picture. This is a continuation of a recurring ...

Tuesday starts Palindrome Week

KVOA Tucson News - 09 Sep 2019
NBC NEWS – If you're mathematically minded enough, every day can be a special day — it's just that Tuesday's date, 09-10-2019, makes it more obvious for ...

Palindrome Numbers Have My Head Hurting

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT - 10 Sep 2019
I saw this and my head exploded this morning! All these numbers are the same FRONT and BACK. You can read them the same way front and back. Like you ...

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