Jovian, who played 'Zoboomafoo' on TV, has died at the Duke Lemur Center -

The internet's most famous animals - 17 May 2019
The internet has caused a many viral phenomenons, and cute animals are no exception. While there have always been famous animals, the rise of Instagram, ...

Duke welcomes first baby lemur of the season

Raleigh News & Observer - 11 Apr 2019
Duke Lemur Center in Durham, NC, announced the birth of Marie, its first baby of the season. The endangered animal is the granddaughter of the lemur from the ...

Zoboomafoo Jovian Lemus Dead

Refinery29 - 17 Oct 2018
If you were a kid in the late '90s/early '00s, this one's going to hit you right in the feels. Jovian, the lemur who starred in PBS Kids show Zoboomafoo, died ...

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