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yingluck shinawatra

Yingluck Shinawatra (Thai: ยิ่งลักษณ์ ชินวัตร, rtgs: Yingl...

wikipedia - 27 Sep 2017
Yingluck Shinawatra (Thai: ยิ่งลักษณ์ ชินวัตร, rtgs: Yinglak Chinnawat, pronounced [jîŋ.lák tɕʰīn.nā.wát]; born 21 June 1967), nicknamed Pu (Thai: ปู, pronounced [pūː], meaning "crab"), is a Thai businesswoman and politician, a member of the Pheu Thai Party who became the 28th Prime Minister of Thailand following the 2011 general election. Yingluck was Thailand's first female Prime Minister and its youngest in over 60 years. Also, she holds the distinction as the world's first f
yingluck shinawatra

Who gave Yingluck a Cambodian passport?

South China Morning Post - 26 Jan 2019
Officials insist Thailand's former leader Yingluck Shinawatra hasn't been given a Cambodian passport. So how she used one to register a company in Hong ...
yingluck shinawatra

Poll rumours rally Shinawatra shares

Bangkok Post - 08 Feb 2019
Shares tied to the Shinawatra family rallied Thursday amidst unconfirmed rumours of the entry of Princess Ubolratana into the political arena.

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