Final Vote Count 2016 -
who won the popular vote

Final Vote Count 2016 - 13 Nov 2016
As we described at length in a separate article, an unusual feature of the Electoral College system employed by the United States for presidential elections is that the candidate who receives the most votes overall nationwide (i.e., "wins the popular ...
who won the popular vote

Sonnenberg opposes popular vote bill

YumaPioneer - 07 Feb 2019
The past week has been intense at the Colorado General Assembly, with Republican lawmakers holding fast to the saying that “the majority has its way and the ...
who won the popular vote

CommonWealth Magazine

CommonWealth magazine - 19 Feb 2019
ADAM FRIEDMAN CALLS it being Nadered. Follow. CommonWealth Magazine · Are you tired of electoral spoilers? Share. 341 plays341. SoundCloud cookie ...
who won the popular vote

The Democrats Need a Landslide Victory in 2020

Washington Monthly - 22 Jan 2019
There is no historical record of the popular vote in our country's first nine presidential elections. We only have that data beginning with the 1824 contest between ...

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