The new show Utopia tries to build the perfect society. It involves a lot of ... -

Utopia – Have fairytales gone too far?

Thrive Global - 17 Feb 2019
Is our failing attempt at Utopia giving rise to Dystopia?? In the book, good to great Jim Collins talked about the Stockdale Paradox ,named after admiral Jim ...

City with a conscience: Dubai's desert utopia

Euronews English - 15 Feb 2019
Dubai is known more for its skyscrapers than its biodomes, but flourishing in its hinterlands is The Sustainable City, a bustling, thriving, community of families ...

The problem with the Green New Deal

The Economist - 11 Feb 2019
GOOD POLICY should seem more convincing as it becomes more detailed. The Green New Deal championed by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the newly minted ...

Report on my visit to Utopia Middle School

Mail Tribune - 27 Jan 2019
The school is quiet. Even during class changes the halls buzz only with a sense of purpose. Civility is important here. The teachers wear coats and ties or ...

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