TurboTax maker spending millions to kill simplified IRS tax filing - dofaq.co
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Intuit TurboTax phishing scam

Komando - 19 Feb 2019
During tax season, many people use the software TurboTax. If you do plan on using the software, you might want to be extra careful thanks to the latest phish…
turbo tax

How to Ditch TurboTax

Lifehacker - 29 Jan 2019
As you get ready to file your taxes, you may wonder which software is best for you. There are plenty of options, including new-ish players like Credit Karma, but ...
turbo tax

Oregon’s new tax confuses TurboTax

Bend Bulletin - 06 Feb 2019
A new Oregon tax that kicked in last year has created problems for people using TurboTax to calculate their 2018 taxes.TurboTax claimed Tuesday it fixed the ...

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