Tolar (German: Thaler) is the Czech name for the silver coin mi... -

Tolar (German: Thaler) is the Czech name for the silver coin mi...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
Tolar (German: Thaler) is the Czech name for the silver coin mined in Kingdom of Bohemia in the 16th century in Jáchymov (German: Joachimsthal). The modern word dollar was derived from the Spanish dollar, so-called in the English-speaking world because they were of similar size and weight to the German Thalers. The German Thalers were so named because they were first minted from a silver mine in 1520 in Joachimsthal. It was the main currency in Bohemia from 1520 to 1750.

Pamela J. Tolar, 65 | Obituaries

Petoskey News-Review - 19 Feb 2019
Pamela J. Tolar, 65 Pamela Jean Tolar, 65 of Vanderbilt, passed away at her home on Tuesday, February 12, 2019. Born April 11, 1953, Pam was the daughter ...

LCC Foundation donor inspired by graduate

Kinston Free Press - 19 Feb 2019
Longtime LCC Foundation supporter O.A. Ritch was so touched by a recent story on one of LCC's graduates that he was moved to action and wanted to help her ...

Jacksboro vs. Tolar basketball

Times Record News - 29 Jan 2019
Jacksboro's Jordan Nichols looks to the basket in the game against Tolar Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2019, in Jacksboro. The Lady Tigers defeated the Lady Rattlers ...

Tolar Price Changed by 1.44 percent

ICO Brothers - 20 Feb 2019
As at 2019-02-20 average Tolar price is 0.00697951 USD, 0.00000175 BTC, 0.00004754 ETH. It's noteworthy that is issued into circulation Tolar. Tolar average ...

Max level laughs

Paducah Sun - 18 Feb 2019
Eleven-year-old ventriloquist Max Tolar was joined onstage by his friends Johnny (left) and Shi Gon for his comedy routine as part of the inaugural Saint James ...

Tolar Price Changed by -1.86 percent

ICO Brothers - 16 Feb 2019
As at 2019-02-16 average Tolar price is 0.00527938 USD, 0.00000146 BTC, 0.00004343 ETH. Tolar TOL/BTC on Sistemkoin exchange is 0.01. The trading ...

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