The Predator Is a Manic, Messy Disaster -
the predator

The Predator Is a Manic, Messy Disaster

The Atlantic - 14 Sep 2018
Over the course of four films (and a couple of spin-offs), the Predator has been a 7-foot-tall reptilian alien with giant snapping mandibles instead of a mouth, camouflage technology, and boundless interest in hunting and killing humans as trophies ...
the predator

The Predator Priest | - 06 Feb 2019
At least eight people say, when they were children in the 1960's and 70's, they were sexually abused by Father Joseph Friel.
the predator

Beware the predator

The Express Tribune - 12 Feb 2019
The amount of rights given by the laws of Pakistan to employees working in the private sphere needs to increase.

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