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The Brave star, creator on that explosive ending (blog) - 26 Sep 2017
WARNING: This post contains spoilers from the series premiere of NBC's The Brave. Read at your own risk! Well, that's one way to end a pilot! The series premiere of The Brave ended with a bang. After eliminating a wanted terrorist and saving a ...
the brave

Volunteers ‘Brave the Shave’

Monitor - 17 Feb 2019
For months, Mathy Davis' favorite accessory was a big yellow button that read, “Ask me why I am bald.” “Some people thought I had cancer — at the grocery ...
the brave

Brave in the brisk

Paducah Sun - 17 Feb 2019
Calloway County native Nosha Nichols (center), her daughter Tatum Nichols (left) and son Gabriel Nichols jump in frigid water during the 10th annual West ...
the brave

Morning Buzz: Bound for the Brave

KWTX - 25 Jan 2019
This morning on The Buzz, we learned more about how you can help promote healthy living and show support for local law enforcement at the same time.
the brave

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

Klamath Falls News - 07 Feb 2019
Klamath Falls, Ore. - As announcer Bob Chambrose called out the branches of the U.S. Armed Forces – Coast Guard! Air Force! Navy! Marines! Army! -- veterans ...

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