Tanaka Shōsuke (田中 勝助, also 田中 勝介) was an important Japanese te... - dofaq.co
tanaka shōsuke

Puzzle & Dragons X BD/DVD Part 2 - Review

Anime News Network - 22 May 2018
Now that he and his friends are full-fledged dragon callers, Ace begins taking part in guild missions. These run the gamut from those he can do by himself to ...
tanaka shōsuke

Tao makes the cut in new drama

The Japan Times - 09 Jan 2014
At age 28, actress and model Tao Okamoto is already one of the few women in history — along with actress Farrah Fawcett and Jennifer Aniston's Rachel.
tanaka shōsuke

Attack on Titan BD+DVD - Review

Anime News Network - 12 Jun 2014
Attack on Titan's pacing is unusual, but its time is never wasted. Time is just spent liberally on that special thing most important to the story: listening for a human ...

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