Shark Week is once again making things up -
submarine shark

Shark Week is once again making things up

Vox - 10 Aug 2014
As zoologist Michelle Wciesel points out at Southern Fried Science, the "submarine shark" in South Africa was an urban legend started by journalists in the 1970s who were trying to fool a gullible public. But the Discovery Channel didn't debunk the ...
submarine shark

Huge 20-foot Shark Surprises Scientists

The Weather Channel - 14 Aug 2019
A massive deep-sea shark has a close encounter with an OceanX research submarine in The Bahamas. Scientists believe that the ancient species of shark, ...
submarine shark

Ancient Shark Attacks a Submarine

Canadian Homesteading - 17 Aug 2019
A shark older than most dinosaurs was filmed attacking a submarine in the Bahamas. The submarine was running a research mission. The bluntnose sixgill.

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