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RA: Inside Stockhausen's WDR Studio

Resident Advisor - 29 Aug 2017
Front residents Klaus Stockhausen and Boris Dlugosch curated the project, which takes the form of a two-CD mix, a pair of unmixed vinyl double-packs and a ...
studio for electronic music (wdr)

All Gates Open: The Story of Can

Brooklyn Rail - 05 Jun 2018
One weekday afternoon some time in the spring of 1989, if I've not lost too much to the vagaries of memory, I was in my Fort Greene apartment, trying to occupy ...
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Archive for Best of 2018

Sequenza21 - 05 Dec 2018
Unlike those big-media favorites lists that appear in mid-December to grease the skids of the Great Shopping Season, my year-end reckonings dawdle until the ...
studio for electronic music (wdr)

Stockhausen's electric dreams

The Guardian - 03 Oct 2013
Karlheinz Stockhausen was a true pioneer, who wanted music to fulfil its true destiny – by removing it from human hands. What a pity he is so little understood, ...
studio for electronic music (wdr)

Flying Machines: New Life

Jazz Journal - 20 Jan 2019
Even though this is only their second album, Flying Machines have generated a serious name for themselves on the London jazz scene. Their 2016 self-titled ...

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