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Spritz text streaming technology increases reading speed

PCWorld (blog) - 06 Mar 2014
Between email, Web pages, books and other texts, we each read thousands of words a day. A company called Spritz has spent the last few years in stealth mode, developing a technology to help us read even more, in less time. Spritz—which is both the ...

Where to Find an Aperol Spritz in Dallas

D Magazine - 13 Sep 2019
There are some adult beverages that work best within a social or geographic context. An Aperol Spritz–the semi-sweet and orange-hued classic that's served in ...

How to Upgrade Your Spritz This Summer

Bon Appetit - 22 Jul 2019
You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains? It turns out that isn't really accurate. But that quotient of potential truthfully applies to the spritz.

An Aperol Spritz Defender Makes His Case

NPR - 12 May 2019
A New York Times article fired the first shots of a cocktail battle on Twitter: Is the Aperol Spritz a good drink? NPR's Michel Martin speaks to spirits manager and ...

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