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Spritz text streaming technology increases reading speed

PCWorld (blog) - 06 Mar 2014
Between email, Web pages, books and other texts, we each read thousands of words a day. A company called Spritz has spent the last few years in stealth mode, developing a technology to help us read even more, in less time. Spritz—which is both the ...

How to Upgrade Your Spritz This Summer

Bon Appetit - 22 Jul 2019
You know how they say we only use 10 percent of our brains? It turns out that isn't really accurate. But that quotient of potential truthfully applies to the spritz.

Cocktail of the Month: The Aperol Spritz

Georgetowner - 08 Aug 2019
With its unmistakably bright orange glow and its bubbly personality, it's easy to spot everywhere that summer is — from cruises and pool parties to outdoor ...

Toast the summer with Aperol Spritz

Boston Herald - 14 Aug 2019
It's light, aromatic and refreshing with an orange-rhubarb flavor and a hint of grapefruit bitterness. It's very tasty and low in alcohol, so you may want to have more ...

How Britain killed the Aperol spritz

Prospect - 05 Aug 2019
Since arriving in a small town near Venice five years ago, there is one part of my daily routine that hasn't changed. As the heat of a summer day begins to abate ...

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