The spotted green pigeon or Liverpool pigeon (Caloenas m... -
spotted green pigeon

The spotted green pigeon or Liverpool pigeon (Caloenas m...

wikipedia - 27 Sep 2017
The spotted green pigeon or Liverpool pigeon (Caloenas maculata) is a species of pigeon which is most likely extinct. It was first mentioned and described in 1783 by John Latham, who had seen two specimens of unknown provenance and a drawing depicting the bird. The taxonomic relationships of the bird were long obscure, and early writers suggested many different possibilities, though the idea that it was related to the Nicobar pigeon (C. nicobarica) prevailed, and it was therefore placed in the
spotted green pigeon

Column 8

The Sydney Morning Herald - 11 Feb 2019
Joy Cooksey of Harrington writes: "With Green Pigeon finding Kyogle was having to wait 15 years for a RFS Fire Shed (C8), it is logical their local paper is called ...
spotted green pigeon

Top spots for HBP on Big Bird Day

Telangana Today - 11 Feb 2019
It is routine for these bunch of bird enthusiasts from Hyderabad Birding Pals (HBP) to spend long hours birding on weekends.
spotted green pigeon

2017 golden year for winged guests to India

Daily Pioneer - 11 Feb 2019
Overseas winged guests arrived in less number as compared to the last year in India. The Bird Count Index (BCI) was “low” this (season) year with 247 different ...

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