Sabina Altynbekova Is Too Beautiful To Play Volleyball, Critics Say -
sabina altynbekova

Kazakh athlete turns down ad contracts

Taipei Times - 09 Aug 2014
Kazakh junior volleyballer Sabina Altynbekova has turned down numerous offers from Taiwanese companies and entertainment agencies for modeling jobs and ...
sabina altynbekova

Online 'affair' poll causes a stir

Taipei Times - 04 Aug 2014
An online poll on “celebrity personalities with whom you would most like to have a one-night affair” has caused controversy as the results included a volleyball ...
sabina altynbekova

Denis Ten tells about his new hobby

Tengrinews - 10 Aug 2015
Kazakhstan's 22-year-old figure skater and Sochi Olympics bronze prizewinner Denis ten has told about his new hobby, Tengrinews reports citing

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