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'Hurricane': For Bob Dylan, Rubin Carter fight was personal

New York Daily News - 20 Apr 2014
Dylan took up the cause of Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, playing the song constantly during his Rolling Thunder tour in 1975. But it was almost a decade before Federal Judge H. Lee Sarokin finally set Carter free — making almost the same argument as Dylan.
rubin carter

Hurricane: The story of Rubin Carter

BBC News - 03 Apr 2019
The BBC's World *Service* has been investigating three murders that took place at the Lafayette Bar and Grill in Paterson, New Jersey in 1966. Over the past 15 ...
rubin carter

Soft Thunder

WORLD News Group - 24 Jul 2019
The late boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter may not have committed the murders for which he was convicted in 1967, but plenty of evidence suggests that he did.

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