Comet Update: What's Next for the Philae Lander? -
philae lander

Comet Update: What's Next for the Philae Lander? - 12 Nov 2014
The European Space Agency's Philae lander touched down on a comet more than 300 million miles from Earth on Wednesday, completing its 10-year journey. The historic landing, scientists hope, will provide them with insights on the origins of our solar ...
philae lander

Balancing Rocks and Philae's Wave

Scientific American - 26 Jun 2018
The European Space Agency's Rosetta mission has been one of the most exciting space science explorations in recent history. Launched in 2004 from the ...
philae lander

Image: Comet landscape

Phys.Org - 01 Oct 2018
On 30 September 2016, ESA's Rosetta spacecraft came closer than ever to the target it had studied from afar for more than two years, concluding its mission with ...
philae lander

Robotic Comet Lander Philae Says Good-Bye

Scientific American - 01 Feb 2016
On a dark stretch of the chilly Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko the lander Philae has begun a lonely and silent vigil. After it landed awkwardly and bounced ...

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