Nintendo Unveils New 3DS Handheld in Japan With Second Analog Stick -
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3DS eShop charts for Aug. 22nd, 2019

GoNintendo - 22 Aug 2019
Pokemon Crystal hangs on to the top spot after some very stiff competition from Tomodachi Life. I need to know more about these people who continue to buy ...
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Famitsu Sales: 8/12/19 – 8/18/19

Gematsu - 18 Aug 2019
Famitsu (2) has published its estimated physical game software and hardware sales data for Japan for the week of August 12, 2019 to August 18, 2019.
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What did the Nintendo 3DS mean to you?

Engadget - 13 Jul 2019
With this week's announcement of Nintendo's new Switch Lite console, we've been thinking about the handheld that preceded it: The Nintendo 3DS, a successor ...
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Well, That About Wraps It Up For 3DS

Kotaku - 26 Apr 2019
Nintendo's not willing to call the 3DS “dead” yet, but the company's latest briefing has made the whole thing feel like Weekend At Bernie's.

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