The Misplaced Feminism of Ms. Monopoly -
ms. monopoly

The Misplaced Feminism of Ms. Monopoly

The New Yorker - 12 Sep 2019
This week, Hasbro, which sells Monopoly, announced the latest incarnation of the game: Ms. Monopoly. According to the press release, which makes no mention of Magie, the new title character, a smiling chestnut-haired woman in a blazer wielding a travel ...
ms. monopoly

Hasbro Unveils Ms. Monopoly

The State Times - 20 Sep 2019
Jessica Kennedy, Staff Writer. On Monday, toy-making company Hasbro released a promo for a new version of their game, Monopoly. In this version of the game ...
ms. monopoly

Hasbro to launch Ms. Monopoly

Arizona Daily Sun - 16 Sep 2019
Move over, Mr. Monopoly There's a new entrepreneur in town, and she's taking over the boardroom, er, boardgame.

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