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Hasbro's 'Monopoly: Socialism' Game Mocks the Economic System

Breitbart - 24 Aug 2019
In 2018, the company premiered “Monopoly for Millenials,” a game in which players do not win money but “experience points,” with board game pieces that include “a few things millennials simply can't live without, such as a camera, sunglasses and a hashtag ...
monopoly socialism

Monopoly Socialism Game Stirs Controversy

Comicbook.com - 25 Aug 2019
Monopoly, the iconic 'fast-dealing property trading game' first published by Parker Brothers in 1935, has had countless variations published over the years.
monopoly socialism

Look: Monopoly's "Socialism" Game

RADIO.COM - 23 Aug 2019
I bought a copy of Hasbro's mean-spirited and woefully ill-informed "MONOPOLY: SOCIALISM" board game so you don't have to - a thread 1/ pic.twitter.com/ ...
monopoly socialism

How best to confront monopoly pricing power

ModernHealthcare.com - 20 Sep 2019
Healthcare economists insist mergers and regional monopolies give hospitals the market power to impose huge price hikes and saddle patients with ever higher ...
monopoly socialism

From Populism to Socialism and Back

Jacobin magazine - 29 Aug 2019
Socialists and populists have found plenty to disagree about over the years, from private property to trust-busting. But their shared commitment to fighting ...
monopoly socialism

Look: Ms. Monopoly

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT - 11 Sep 2019
Hasbro is coming out with yet another edition of Monopoly that plays off social issues. They've already made Monopoly for Millennials and Monopoly Socialism ...

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