Israeli official apologizes for calling Kerry messianic -

Israeli official apologizes for calling Kerry messianic

USA TODAY - 14 Jan 2014
WASHINGTON — The Israeli government apologized on Tuesday after the White House took offense to a news report in which the country's defense minister was quoted describing Secretary of State John Kerry's efforts to win an Israeli-Palestinian peace ...


White Mountain Independent - 16 Aug 2019
There are those who believe and teach that an earthly messianic kingdom was offered to the Jews first and that only after it was rejected was it offered to others.

Two Tales of Settlements

TLV1 Podcasts - 17 Aug 2019
A revisionist history of the settler movement argues that it was never really about messianic, religious ideology as much as it was about nuts-and-bolts issues of ...

Anti-Messianic Jewish Update

Israel Today - 19 Feb 2019
Anti-missionary (read: anti-Messianic) elements claim they have gained the upper hand against Jesus' followers. February 19, 2019 | Israel Today Staff. A+; A-.

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