Mary Landrieu Is Defeated by Bill Cassidy in Louisiana Senate Runoff -
mary landrieu

The Beltway Book of the Damned

The New Republic - 19 Aug 2019
Mark Halperin's forthcoming tome features dozens of Beltway insiders, showing how little has changed in This Town.
mary landrieu

Democrats, Support Charter Schools

The Wall Street Journal - 23 Apr 2019
Recent teacher strikes across American opened people's eyes to the chronic underfunding of public schools and spurred several states to increase investments ...
mary landrieu

What the heck happened to Mary Landrieu?

Washington Post - 01 Dec 2014
Remember when the Louisiana runoff between Sen. Mary Landrieu (D) and Rep. Bill Cassidy (R) was going to be the most unforgettable and pivotal contest in ...
mary landrieu

Landrieu faces runoff alone

Politico - 07 Nov 2014
NEW ORLEANS — Mary Landrieu is on a solo mission to retain her Senate seat. Democrats are scrapping a multimillion dollar ad buy, liberal groups aren't ...

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