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'Little Rascals' child actors reunite for updated poster

Today.com - 03 Sep 2014
Twenty years ago, "The Little Rascals" scampered into theaters ... and ganged up on a memorable poster featuring the winsome young cast (including dog Petey!) mugging for the camera. Remember this? "Little Rascals" from 1994. Universal Pictures.
little rascals

Film school grad with autism realizes dream

C&G Newspapers - 20 Feb 2019
The collaboration between Rochester Hills resident Alexander Ray, 32, and Southfield resident Bradley Egrin, 26, both actors and filmmakers, had an unlikely ...
little rascals

Local notes

Arkansas Democrat-Gazette - 10 Feb 2019
Bears topic at state park. Steve Dunlap, Northwest region education coordinator for the Arkansas Game & Fish Commission, comes to the Hobbs State Park ...

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