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Leo Szilard (/ˈsɪlɑːrd/; Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; pronounced...

wikipedia - 12 Sep 2016
Leo Szilard (/ˈsɪlɑːrd/; Hungarian: Szilárd Leó; pronounced [ˈsila:rd ˈlɛo:]; German: Leo Spitz until age 2; February 11, 1898 – May 30, 1964) was a Jewish Hungarian-born physicist and inventor. He conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and in late 1939 wrote the letter for Albert Einstein's signature that resulted in the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb.
leo szilard

Race to the first nuclear chain reaction

UChicago News - 23 Oct 2017
Seventy-five years ago the brightest minds in the world came to the University of Chicago to embark on the greatest scientific experiment of the century.
leo szilard

Why the world needs more Leo Szilards

Scientific American - 18 Feb 2014
The body of men and women who built the atomic bomb was vast, diverse, talented and multitudinous. Every conceivable kind of professional - from theoretical ...
leo szilard

Robert Oppenheimer: The myth and the mystery

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - 18 Dec 2018
Editor's note: What follows is the prepared text for a lecture delivered at Santa Fe, New Mexico, on July 14, 2018 and sponsored by the Santa Fe Opera during its ...
leo szilard

Reading Into Albert Einstein’s God Letter

The New Yorker - 25 Dec 2018
Louis Menand writes about a letter from Albert Einstein to Eric Gutkind in which Einstein elucidates some of his thoughts on religion and the existence of God, ...

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