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Judge Joe Brown Describes His Time In Jail

ABC News - 24 Mar 2014
Judge Joe Brown is making the most of his time in a Memphis jail. In an interview with ABC News, Brown said that his arrest Monday, which he claimed never should have happened, has "reenergized" him, especially in his run for Shelby County D.A..
judge joe brown

The shady side of Judge Joe Brown

Nicki Swift - 28 Feb 2019
Following the debut of Judge Joe Brown, the show's namesake judge became a reality TV star. But there's been a bunch of real-life drama that has followed him ...
judge joe brown

Judge Joe Brown in Jail for Contempt

ABC News - 28 Aug 2015
Former TV judge Joe Brown turned himself into authorities Thursday night and is now serving a 5-day stint for being found in contempt of court.
judge joe brown

'Hot Topics With Judge Joe' Cleared in New York

Programming Insider - 11 Dec 2018
Success leads to imitation, so there is nothing unusual about several new potential first-run talk, game and court show strips next fall. “It's all about tapping into a ...

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