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A Guide To What's Great In iOS 8

Forbes - 17 Sep 2014
There's a good chance if you've already downloaded iOS 8, you're wondering what all the fuss is about. It looks enough like iOS 7 that you could be forgiven for wondering if anything has changed at all. Rest assured it has. In fact, there's more ...
ios 8

Apple just released iOS 13 beta 7

BGR - 15 Aug 2019
The rapid-fire pace of developer beta releases continues this week, as Apple rolled out iOS 13 beta 7 and iPadOS 13 beta 7 on Thursday. It's been just over a ...
ios 8

Play Nintendo games with iOS emulator -

VENTS Magazine - 18 Aug 2019
If you are interested in playing your Nintendo games with an iOS emulator, it is no doubt that you are a big fan of Nintendo. You reminisce the good times you ...
ios 8

iOS 13 beta 7 battery life tests (Video)

Geeky Gadgets - 19 Aug 2019
The new iOS 13 beta 7 software was released last week, we have already seen some speed tests of the software and now we have a battery life test. The.

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