Icelandic i/aɪsˈlændɪk/ (Icelandic: [íslenska] ( list... -
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Icelandic i/aɪsˈlændɪk/ (Icelandic: [íslenska] ( list...

wikipedia - 16 Jun 2018
Icelandic i/aɪsˈlændɪk/ (Icelandic: [íslenska] ( listen)) is a North Germanic language, the language of Iceland. It is an Indo-European language belonging to the North Germanic or Nordic branch of the Germanic languages. Historically, it was the westernmost of the Indo-European languages prior to the colonisation of the Americas. Icelandic, Faroese, Norn, and Western Norwegian formerly constituted West Nordic; Danish, Eastern Norwegian and Swedish constituted East Nordic. Modern Norwegian B
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Icelandic Word of the Week | Gryla’s Candles

Guide to Iceland Now - 29 Jan 2019
Given the recent freezing temperatures in Iceland, a large amount of snow now covers the country. As the bright winter sunlight shines on the white fluffy blanket, ...
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Siri Threatens The Icelandic Language

Reykjavík Grapevine - 09 Jul 2018
As the Icelandic language faces tough competition from English influences, Icelandic authorities focus efforts on what needs to be done. reports that ...
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Meet the longest word in Icelandic

Iceland Monitor - 15 Oct 2018
The longest word in Icelandic is Vaðlaheiðarvegavinnuverkfærageymsluskúrslyklakippuhringurinn. It's a composed word and means the key ring to the tool work ...
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Icelandic Language Fighting Extinction

Guide to Iceland Now - 03 Oct 2018
Spoken by fewer than 400,000 people worldwide, Icelandic, the official language of Iceland, is at risk of being overrun by English. Globalization has brought an ...

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