How Harry Houdini escaped death -

How Harry Houdini escaped death

The Week Magazine - 01 Sep 2014
On Monday night, the network premiered a two-part special event called Houdini, an Adrien Brody-starring biopic covering the life of one of the greatest magicians of all time. Brody's performance has been widely praised, with critics describing him as ...

V-Ray for Houdini Emerges from Beta

Studio Daily - 29 Jul 2019
After more than a year of beta-testing, Chaos Group has released V-Ray for Houdini. Ingenuity Studios has been using an alpha build since 2017 to put the r.

Kentucky Houdini's Handcuff Feat

The Smoking Gun - 05 Aug 2019
AUGUST 5--While handcuffed behind her back in the rear of a Kentucky squad car, a suspect removed a bag of narcotics from her vagina and snorted the white ...

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