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hercules movie

Dwayne Johnson stars in a revisionist Hercules

A.V. Club Milwaukee - 25 Jul 2014
Hercules—which stars Dwayne Johnson as the brawny, bearded hero of Greek myth—is a scaled down club-and-sandals movie with a good ratio of scenery-chewing to choppy-shutter-angle skull-cracking. It's also a half-hearted, but largely admirable, ...
hercules movie

we are mitú

mitú inc - 24 Apr 2019
Froy Gutierrez has played so many different roles in his short 20 years of life and some of them have already entered your living room.
hercules movie

Lightning Strike Again

Kirkwood Student Media - 24 Apr 2019
MOVIE REVIEW The movie SHAZAM features a new take on a superhero that often leaves fans confused.

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