Google Glass signals a wearables revolution -
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Google Glass signals a wearables revolution

CNN - 15 Apr 2014
(CNN) -- Google Glass is crazy fun, but don't worry if you missed your chance to buy a pair on Tuesday, when it went on sale to the public for $1,500. While the current generation of Google Glass is doomed to become a clunky eBay collectible, it's ...
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Google Stadia: Our 3 Biggest Concerns

Tom's Guide - 19 Mar 2019
SAN FRANCISCO – After months of speculation, Google Stadia is finally here. The new streaming *service*, which began as a test balloon with Google's Project ...
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Google Glass to check containers at Wiencont - 26 Feb 2019
The Austrian hinterland terminal Wiencont will test the use of Google Glass this year to check incoming containers. Normally this work is done manually by taking ...
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The Social Acceptance Of Siri 03/19/2019

MediaPost Communications - 19 Mar 2019
A while ago, I did a fairly exhaustive series of posts on the acceptance of technology. The psychology of how and when we adopted disruptive tech fascinated ...
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The 10 worst technologies of the 21st century

MIT Technology Review - 27 Feb 2019
You'd think it would be easy to come up with a list of bad technologies from the past couple of decades. But we had a hard time agreeing: What makes a “bad” ...
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The Last Glassholes

New York Magazine - 25 Jan 2019
When Google Glass launched in 2013, it was supposed to be the future: lightweight AR glasses that could take photographs and give directions. Now, Google ...
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MusicLens glasses: A second look

iNews - 15 Mar 2019
Chinese company MusicLens claims to have created "the first smart glasses you can use every day", which use bone conducting technology to transmit audio ...

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