Google Glass signals a wearables revolution -
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Google Glass signals a wearables revolution

CNN - 15 Apr 2014
(CNN) -- Google Glass is crazy fun, but don't worry if you missed your chance to buy a pair on Tuesday, when it went on sale to the public for $1,500. While the current generation of Google Glass is doomed to become a clunky eBay collectible, it's ...
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Solos Cycling Smart Glasses

The Australian - 23 Aug 2019
Consumers have generally given smart glasses short shrift since the first Google Glass units became available six years ago. Glass proved the tech giants most ...
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Do you want AR glasses?

PhoneDog - 20 Aug 2019
Depending on the rumor and the company, some are more believable than others. And some companies have a ton to sort through! Just a few years ago it felt ...
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How to make AR a reality

Putman Media - 23 Aug 2019
There are several essential steps needed to implement augmented, virtual or mixed reality solutions. Individual applications may need others, but here are the ...
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The Last Glassholes

New York Magazine - 25 Jan 2019
When Google Glass launched in 2013, it was supposed to be the future: lightweight AR glasses that could take photographs and give directions. Now, Google ...

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