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goblin shark

Rare Goblin Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico

National Geographic - 05 May 2014
Moore caught the goblin shark at around 2,000 feet (610 meters) deep. That's on the shallower end of the average depth range for this species, Carlson says: They're usually found between 2,000 and 3,000 feet (610 and 914 meters) deep. That makes it one ...
goblin shark

Unraveling the jaw-dropping goblin shark

Science Daily - 10 Aug 2016
Scientists have revealed goblin sharks' 'slingshot feeding' mechanism, which involves high-speed protrusion of their jaws. Goblin sharks have revealed a ...
goblin shark

Why We Should Love Sharks

DeeperBlue.com - 15 Jul 2019
Diving with sharks is awesome! I know, I've dived with Oceanic White Tips. Once demonized as the voracious maneaters who decimated the crew of the bombed ...

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