Bangladesh farmer unfurled gigantic German flag before 2014 World Cup final -
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Heavy Metal Confronts Its Nazi Problem

The New Yorker - 16 Feb 2019
Colin Moynihan writes on the anti-Fascist Black Flags Over Brooklyn festival, which took place at Brooklyn Bazaar, in Greenpoint, in late January.
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Exclusive​: Flybmi Set To Collapse

Aviation Analyst — Alex Macheras - 16 Feb 2019
Update 18:45 GMT: Earlier today, Aviation Analyst revealed British regional airline 'Flybmi' was preparing for an immediate collapse. Flybmi has confirmed the ...
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Jasper Johns, American Legend

The New York Times - 18 Feb 2019
The artist's work has managed to speak both to and for the country's consciousness for the last 60 years — and he's not done yet.
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Munich or a Requiem for the West

The New York Times - 15 Feb 2019
It's no longer worth pretending Trump is not in the authoritarian camp. The shock has passed. European powers are thinking again.

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