Should we celebrate Fred Phelps' death? -
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Should we celebrate Fred Phelps' death?

CNN (blog) - 20 Mar 2014
“The words and actions of Fred Phelps have hurt countless people. As a Christian, I'm angry about that, and I'm angry about how he tarnished the reputation of the faith I love so much,” Justin Lee, executive director of The Gay Christian Network, said ...
fred phelps

The Young and the Sexless

Rolling Stone - 22 Jun 2005
This story originally appeared June 30th, 2005, in Issue 977/978, of Rolling Stone. WHAT IF THE TRUE FACE OF THE CHRISTIAN right in America is not that of ...
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Shattering the Stained-Glass Ceiling

Ms. Magazine - 25 Jul 2019
When the historic Riverside Church in New York City hired Rev. Dr. Amy Butler five years ago, women clergy across traditions rejoiced that we were slowly ...
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The New Hate Pastors

Slate - 12 Aug 2019
A video clip circulated online last week that was so cartoonishly vile it might have at first scanned as poorly scripted fiction: A man in a pulpit rails against the ...
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The Most Anticipated Books of Fall 2019

Publishers Weekly - 01 Aug 2019
Drawn from the 14,000+ titles in PW's Fall Announcements issue, we asked our reviews editors to pick the most notable books publishing in Fall 2019. Links to ...
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From Refuge to Resource

Boise Weekly - 30 Jul 2019
Before moving to Idaho in 1977, Judy and Robert Cross lived in Tennessee. Virginia skirted their backyard, and Judy said she could "throw a rock into Kentucky.

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