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frankie knuckles


The Economist (blog) - 31 Mar 2014
Just as Buddy Bolden can be considered year-zero in the life of jazz, so Frankie Knuckles, who died unexpectedly on March 31st, was the man most commonly credited as the godfather of house music. House eventually conquered the world. It is now the ...
frankie knuckles

Frankie Knuckles

Miscellany News - 09 Apr 2019
Have a question you want answered? Submit your quandaries at Hey Frankie, I love my close friends, who happen to be bro-ey, straight ...
frankie knuckles

ESG's "UFO": The Samples

Stereogum - 23 Apr 2019
Back around Dilla Day, I took a look at one of the most famous sirens in hip-hop and dance music -- the wooooop that kicked off Mantronix's 1988 ...

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