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Flappy Bird cheats top google searches for Mississippi in 2014

WLOX - 31 Dec 2014
Cheating at the game Flappy Bird, that is. According to a graphic by BGR.com, the most googled topic for Mississippi in 2014 was Flappy Bird cheats. The graphic shows the entire nation and the most popular topics, people and events each state googled ...
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How I kegeled my way through Flappy Bird

SYFY WIRE - 05 Aug 2019
About three years ago, I first discovered a company called Perifit completely by accident. I'm a trans woman, I had just had lower surgery, and I was googling ...
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10 best Chromecast games for Android

Android Authority - 20 Aug 2019
Chromecast gaming was a novel idea a few years ago, but it never took off. Here are the best Chromecast games for those who are curious!
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1980s Plotter Plays Flappy Bird

Hackaday - 08 Jun 2019
Should you happen to have an HP7440A or similar plotter hanging around, you could have a quick game of Flappy Bird — or Plotty Bird as [WesleyAC] calls it.
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Flappy Bird is now a battle royale too

PCGamesN - 29 Jun 2019
Turning Super Mario Bros. into a battle royale turns out to be a legally problematic exercise, but that may not be the case so much for Flappy Bird. Yes, Flappy ...

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