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eurasian magpie

Snatch thieves in the bird world

The Borneo Post - 23 Sep 2018
ALL snatch thieves are opportunists, whether escaping on motorbikes in cities and then 'flying off', or descending from the air on their wings as seagulls and ...
eurasian magpie

Magpies 'don't steal shiny objects'

BBC News - 16 Aug 2014
Magpies do not steal trinkets and are positively scared of shiny objects, according to new research. The study appears to refute the myth of the “thieving magpie”, ...
eurasian magpie

Magpies 'feel grief and hold funerals' - 21 Oct 2009
Magpies feel grief and even hold funeral-type gatherings for their fallen friends and lay grass "wreaths" beside their bodies, an animal behaviour expert has ...
eurasian magpie

For The Love of Crows

Scientific American - 29 Oct 2015
L to r: Carrion crow, juvenile Rook, singing rook, Eurasian jackdaw tearing plastic, Hooded crow eating garbage in Scotland. Photo by Darren Naish. I'm a huge ...
eurasian magpie

Winged Victories

New York Times - 09 Aug 2014
Avian migration is such a vast and complex phenomenon that it can accommodate star treatment in two new books. “The Thing With Feathers,” by Noah Strycker, ...

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