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Heard of Ello? You may want to join this 'anti-Facebook' soon

BetaBoston - 23 Sep 2014
One company is reaping the benefits of Facebook's “real name” stance and making a name for itself in the process. A social network called Ello, with some New England roots, has generated a ton of buzz over the past few days as people have inundated the ...

New cannabis-focused investment bank launches

PitchBook News & Analysis - 25 Jul 2019
Ello Capital, a boutique investment bank and M&A advisory firm dedicated to the cannabis industry, has opened under the guidance of industry veteran Evan ...

Why These Social Networks Failed So Badly

Gizmodo Australia - 20 Aug 2019
Sixteen years ago, the sun set on Web 1.0, and we embarked by the light of our smartphones to 24/7 connectivity, down a road paved with corporate blunders, ...

Ello again…

TechCrunch - 19 Nov 2017
Remember Ello? It would like you to know it is not dead. It is now a place for creative types. Let me explain. The social networking platform splashed onto the ...

Sorry, But It's All Over Now

Talk Radio 1210 WPHT - 16 Aug 2019
All good things must come to an end. Even not-so good things must come to an end, as well.True or False? A 10-19 run to start play after the All-Star break has ...

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