Actor accused of killing, skinning and then eating ex-girlfriend's pet rabbit -
dimitri diatchenko

Film Review: ‘They’re Watching’

Variety - 29 Mar 2016
Proving once again that it's a terrible, terrible idea for loud movie Americans to traipse around former Soviet backwaters, “They're Watching” finds a reality-TV ...
dimitri diatchenko

Chernobyl Diaries

A.V. Club - 25 May 2012
Horror films are often the first to comment on the mass-scale traumas of the real world, but those traumas are usually sublimated in metaphor, like George ...
dimitri diatchenko

Movie Review - They're Watching (2016)

Flickering Myth - 29 Mar 2016
They're Watching, 2016. Directed by Jay Lander and Micah Wright. Starring David Alpay, Cristian Balint, Brigid Brannagh, Dimitri Diatchenko, Mia Faith, Carrie ...

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