Tonight's Democratic Debate: Live Updates From Houston -
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Tonight's Democratic Debate: Live Updates From Houston

The New York Times - 12 Sep 2019
It is the presidential campaign that brought hundreds of reporters and photographers to this sprawling, and still-steamy-in-September, city. But while Texas Democrats are happy to host the third presidential primary debate, it is not the White House race that ...
democratic debate

Transcript: The third Democratic debate

The Washington Post - 13 Sep 2019
All the top-tier Democratic presidential candidates gathered on one stage Thursday night in Houston for third Democratic presidential debate. Below is a ...
democratic debate

Let’s Debate: Are Democrats Doomed?

The New York Times - 14 Sep 2019
WASHINGTON — He's in our heads. Even more than we knew. It isn't just that he hovered over the Democratic debate on Thursday night: Should the candidates ...
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Highlights Of The Third Democratic Debate

The Onion - 13 Sep 2019
The third round of the Democratic presidential primary debates pitted the top-10 polling candidates against each other in Houston. The Onion highlights the most ...
democratic debate

Eight tips for Thursday’s Democratic debate

The Washington Post - 09 Sep 2019
On Thursday, 10 Democratic presidential candidates, including the five leading candidates, will be on the debate stage. This might be the last time for a while, ...
democratic debate

Democratic debate: Speaking times

CNN - 12 Sep 2019
As ten 2020 candidates debated in Houston during the third Democratic debate, we tracked their speaking times. Vice President Joe Biden led the group with ...

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