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deliver us from evil

'Deliver Us From Evil' review: A horrifying number of cliches

SFGate - 02 Jul 2014
Like everyone in "Deliver Us From Evil," the Australian Bana sounds as if he was informed of his character's dialect exactly 20 minutes before the film started shooting. After some strange behavior at the Bronx Zoo, Sarchie hooks up with a hard ...
deliver us from evil

Jesus, Deliver Us from This Racist Evil Age

ChristianityToday.com - 06 Aug 2019
On August 3, 2019, a shooter entered a Walmart shopping center in El Paso, Texas, and murdered 22 image-bearers and injured dozens of others. According to ...
deliver us from evil

Deliver Us from Evil (2014)

Rotten Tomatoes - 28 Oct 2014
In DELIVER US FROM EVIL, New York police officer Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana), struggling with his own personal issues, begins investigating a series of ...
deliver us from evil

Having faith | Letters

Rutland Herald - 07 Aug 2019
In Guns We Trust.” To protect us (and our possessions). To deliver us from evil. Guns are our bottom-line, sometimes first-line, defense. “Speak softly and carry a ...
deliver us from evil

'Deliver Us From Evil' review

The Verge - 02 Jul 2014
Considering how slapped-together and shoddy some horror movies seem, it's always a bit remarkable to encounter one that takes itself seriously and aspires to ...
deliver us from evil

Movie Review: Deliver Us From Evil

NPR - 03 Jul 2014
Eric Bana plays a New York police officer and lapsed Catholic who investigates a series of disturbing crimes in the slow-witted occult thriller Deliver Us From ...
deliver us from evil

'Deliver us from evil' | Inquirer Opinion

INQUIRER.net - 15 Jan 2019
The country's Catholic bishops must issue a strongly worded pastoral letter in vigorous defense of the Christian faith; this is something many Filipinos are waiting ...
deliver us from evil

The real story behind Deliver Us From Evil

The Week Magazine - 07 Jul 2014
There's no safer way to market a horror movie than slapping on the phrase "based on a true story." Last summer, The Conjuring — purportedly based on a true ...
deliver us from evil

OPINION: The killer inside

NWAOnline - 14 Aug 2019
I've been around people who were robbers and liars; folks who nearly became killers. Fortunately, I met them after they had encountered the Lord Jesus and ...

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