Curtis Lepore, former Syracuse singer, accused of raping woman he met through ... -
curtis lepore

Meet Vine Superstar Jessi Smiles

ABC News - 14 Aug 2013
There are many different ways people get famous these days. You can get mommy and daddy to pay for a really bad music video to publish on YouTube or you ...
curtis lepore

Where Have All The Viners Gone?

Entrepreneur - 24 May 2018
Almost overnight Twitter reduced Vine to little more than an archive of the world's shortest, most entertaining video *content*, leaving its survivors to abide on other ...
curtis lepore

Is Bella Thorne's New Tattoo Real?

Revelist - 15 Jul 2019
Bella Thorne debuted two new tattoos on her Instagram along with a caption that suggested a new era for the 21-year-old. Some fans thought the tattoo looked ...

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