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'Cosmos' Reboot Starts With a (Big) Bang

Universe Today - 09 Mar 2014
With much anticipation from the astronomy and science community, the opening episode of the new and updated version of Carl Sagan's “Cosmos” series premiered to the masses on television in North America last night. This reboot – this time hosted by ...

New record for an obscured quasar?

Cosmos - 12 Aug 2019
Astronomers have discovered evidence for the farthest “cloaked” black hole found to date. At only about 7% of the current age of the universe, it is, they say, the ...

Tornado in May? That's harder to say

Cosmos - 21 Aug 2019
It sounds like a piece of hoary folk wisdom, but it is in fact correct: It's easier to predict a tornado in April than it is in May. That's the surprisingly robust finding ...

It's not quite Mars, but it will do

Cosmos - 22 Aug 2019
Chile's Atacama Desert is renowned for its Mars-like environment, so Spanish scientists used it to try to determine how microbial life might be transported across ...

There's plenty of room, but no atmosphere

Cosmos - 19 Aug 2019
Scientists using a pair of NASA space telescopes have had their first opportunity to peep at the atmosphere of a rocky, Earth-sized exoplanet. Unfortunately, they ...

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