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The Meaning of Cory Remsburg

New Yorker (blog) - 28 Jan 2014
The subject of this year's concluding story was Army Sergeant First Class Cory Remsburg, a Ranger who first met the President in 2009, at Omaha Beach, on the sixty-fifth anniversary of D Day. In Obama's telling, Remsburg helped walk him through the ...
cory remsburg

Cory Remsburg and the Cost of Politics

New Yorker - 29 Jan 2014
President Obama first met Sergeant Cory Remsburg close to a graveyard for American soldiers in Normandy, at a commemoration of the sixty-fifth anniversary of ...
cory remsburg

Michelle Obama holds court at Oracle Arena

San Francisco Chronicle - 01 Apr 2018
It wasn't quite the sellout that U2 or Bruce Springsteen would have drawn, but 9000 adoring fans did buy their way into Oracle Arena to hear Michelle Obama in ...
cory remsburg

A Major Marijuana Domino Is Tipping - 13 Feb 2019
We're closer than ever to banking reform related to the cannabis industry. Regular Digest readers know that we believe legal marijuana is one of the biggest ...

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