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Kim's Take: Kickstarter winners and fails

Komando - 21 Mar 2019
In a hurry? Tap or click to listen to this story in less than a minute!Kickstarter will be 10 years old in April. Since its start, $4.2 billion has been pled…
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The Coolest Cooler review

The Gadgeteer - 23 Nov 2018
REVIEW – The Coolest Cooler is a very expensive, multi-featured cooler that acts more like a mini mobile bar than a traditional cooler that you'd take along for a ...
coolest cooler

Teardown: The Coolest Cooler of Them All

Forbes Now - 03 Jul 2018
A teardown of the Coolest Cooler - one of the highest funded Kickstarter campaigns in history - unveils the product design decisions that impacted costs, ...
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Spring break tech

Komando - 24 Feb 2019
It may still be cold and snowy where you live, but look ahead to next month. Think about the grass turning green, leaves sprouting on trees and that spring break ...
coolest cooler

Coolest Cooler

KUTV 2News - 10 Jul 2018
Having raised $13 million in one month, the Coolest Cooler is the #1 highest funded Kickstarter campaign of all time.The Coolest Cooler is has all of the latest ...
coolest cooler

Temperatures Up and Down

Boston News, Weather, Sports | WHDH 7News - 25 Mar 2019
7Weather- Temperatures have been up and down, and it will continue that way this week. MONDAY: The day starts with extra cloud cover and temperatures in ...

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