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Coolest since, but cooler still

KCBD - 23 Jul 2019
Nice feel to the air this morning, the coolest in nearly a month. At least through today. While this afternoon will be the coolest of the week, tomorrow morning will ...
coolest cooler

Best Soft Sided Cooler [2019]

Coolest Gadgets - 16 Aug 2019
The overall best soft sided cooler is the Engel HD30 Waterproof. Its unique cooling system allows ice to stay frozen for up to 4.5 days.
coolest cooler

The Coolest Cooler review

The Gadgeteer - 23 Nov 2018
REVIEW – The Coolest Cooler is a very expensive, multi-featured cooler that acts more like a mini mobile bar than a traditional cooler that you'd take along for a ...
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Teardown: The Coolest Cooler of Them All

Forbes Now - 03 Jul 2018
A teardown of the Coolest Cooler - one of the highest funded Kickstarter campaigns in history - unveils the product design decisions that impacted costs, ...
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Cooler weather continues

YourCentralValley.com - 19 Aug 2019
Pleasant, mild weather arrived in Central California this weekend. In fact, the onshore flow bringing us the cooler air continues. After a high of 108 degrees on ...
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Hottest and Coolest NYC Neighborhoods

WHAS11.com - 13 Aug 2019
Various factors can make one urban neighborhood hotter or cooler than another. AccuWeather's Dexter Henry looked at a recent analysis that determined the ...

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