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Under the Chuppah in Havana

Tablet Magazine - 14 Jan 2019
I had never been to a group wedding. Nor did I ever think I would experience my first during a balmy December evening in Havana. But 60 years after Castro's ...

How Jonah Met Sarah

Jewish Week - 19 Mar 2019
We've known each other forever.” They've been family friends since they were children, but over the years their friendship progressed into more than just that.

An 'Epic' Unfolds Under The Chuppah

Jewish Week - 09 Oct 2018
On a warm afternoon infused with September's honeyed light, two young people stand beneath a chuppah in a field of grass and wildflowers. The groom, who is ...

Weekend Chuppah in the Midst of a Fire

Jewish Journal - 12 Nov 2018
As the Woolsey fire ravaged Malibu on Nov. 9, Lindsey Cooper and Laura Berman's plans for their wedding, set to take place on the evening of Nov. 10 at Point ...

Chosson almost gave up hope

Arutz Sheva - 22 Feb 2019
One of Israel's most prominent and beloved rabbis, Rav Yitchok Dovid Grossman shlit”a, is famous for his tremendous chesed.

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