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5 Reasons You Really Need To Go See 'Captain Marvel'

Forbes - 08 Mar 2019
Captain Marvel is one of those movies that's already dividing audiences. In some ways, it was dividing audiences even before it hit theaters, with silly political drama stirring up some corners of the internet into a bit of a tizzy. But I'm not ...
captain marvel

Captain Marvel - Captain Harpswell

Down East - 24 Apr 2019
The year's most talked-about big-screen superhero, Captain Marvel, spends summers laying low (and occasionally battling aliens) on the midcoast.
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Listen: Ball Don't Lie: Captain Marvel

TCU 360 - 24 Apr 2019
In this episode of BDL, host Cole Polley and guest Ryan Jones discuss the NBA summer league, rate their preseason picks, and (in honor of the release of the ...
captain marvel

'Shazam!' Vs. 'Captain Marvel'

Forbes - 08 Apr 2019
Shazam! stars a superhero with a publishing history more convoluted than his origin story, and strangely enough, happens to have an odd connection to the ...

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