Breakthrough Prize 2015: Where To Watch The Alibaba, Google, Facebook ... -
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My Take On The Breakthrough Prizes

Science 2.0 - 09 Aug 2019
I'll admit, I wanted to rather title this post "Billionaire Awards Prizes To Failed Theories", just for the sake of being flippant. But in any joke there is a little bit of truth ...
breakthrough prize

Wesleyan in the News | News

Wesleyan Connection - 13 Aug 2019
In this recurring feature in The Wesleyan Connection, we highlight some of the latest news stories about Wesleyan and our alumni. Wesleyan in the News 1.
breakthrough prize

2018 Breakthrough Prize red carpet

CNBC - 07 Nov 2018
CNBC spoke to red carpet attendees at the 2018 Breakthrough Awards about which tech breakthrough excites them most. See what Lucy Hawking, Sam Altman, ...

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