Boris Johnson to Take Leadership of a Britain in Deep Crisis -
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Boris Johnson to Take Leadership of a Britain in Deep Crisis

The New York Times - 17 Aug 2019
LONDON — Boris Johnson, the brash standard-bearer for a British exit from the European Union, won the contest to become the next prime minister on Tuesday, at a critical moment in his country's history and with less political clout than just about any of its ...
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Was I wrong about Boris Johnson? - 17 Aug 2019
The Conservative commentariat does not march in step. Myself, along with Matthew Parris, Max Hastings and Simon Heffer are proud, stiff-necked characters ...
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Non! Boris Johnson is not de Gaulle

Financial Times - 17 Aug 2019
Comparing present political leaders with past ones is a popular parlour game — one that leaders also like to play. Because Boris Johnson wrote a famously bad ...
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Here's How Boris Johnson Can Be Defeated

Jacobin magazine - 13 Aug 2019
With clear and inclusive class politics, the Left can unite the victims of Tory austerity and beat Boris Johnson at the polls. Britain's prime minister, Boris Johnson, ...
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Europe isn't that scared of Boris Johnson

CNN - 11 Aug 2019
European leaders know that a no-deal Brexit would wreak havoc in their countries as well as in Britain. But they're far from entering panic mode over the latest ...

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