Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape -
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Bob Costas Is Not In Good Shape

TIME - 08 Feb 2014
Bob Costas, who's anchoring much of NBC's primetime Sochi Winter Olympics coverage, is battling an eye infection — and he appears to be losing. Costas acknowledged having “some kind of minor infection which should resolve itself by the weekend” on ...
bob costas eye

What's The Deal With Bob Costas's Eye?

Deadspin - 06 Feb 2014
This morning, a reader wrote in to alert us to Bob Costas's appearance on this morning's episode of the Today Show. The reader wanted to know what the hell ...
bob costas eye

Bob Costas' Eye Infection Is Getting Worse

Business Insider - 10 Feb 2014
The NBC broadcasting legend has been fighting through the infection since the Olympics started on Thursday night. Originally it was only in his left eye, but now ...
bob costas eye

Bob Costas Eyewatch: The Return of the King

The Atlantic - 16 Feb 2014
After a week beset by ocular infection, NBC's multimillion-dollar sportscaster is slated to return on Monday. Costas' victory over conjunctivitis heralds a return of ...

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