Sudan woman gets death sentence for apostasy -

Sudan woman gets death sentence for apostasy - 15 May 2014
A Sudanese judge has sentenced a Christian woman to hang for apostasy, despite appeals by Western embassies for compassion and respect for religious freedom. The case, thought to be the first of its kind to be heard in Sudan, involves a woman whose ...

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: The Age of Apostasy

Right Wing Watch - 20 Aug 2019
Scott Lively has “finally come to the conclusion that the culture war is lost and we've passed the point of no return in the collapse of Judeo-Christian civilization.

Harris and homeschooling

WORLD News Group - 15 Aug 2019
In the 1980s and 1990s, Gregg and Sono Harris became familiar faces to many in the growing number of Christian families educating their children at home.

Farewell, Joshua Harris | Grayson Gilbert

Patheos - 26 Jul 2019
Joshua Harris, famous for writing “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” on the courtship model, announced via Instagram that he is no longer a Christian. In it, he explains ...

Anthony Scaramucci is how you got Trump

The Washington Post - 15 Aug 2019
If you even care at all, by now you're caught up on the most-dramatic-rose-ceremony split between Anthony Scaramucci and President Trump: Friday on “Real ...

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